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Kilimanjaro: Marangu route

We had a fantastic trip and an unforgettable experienceIt was hard but the thrill when you stand on top was fantastic.

We fortunately had not suffered from altitude sickness (we had taken preventive diamox, do not know if this has helped).

Everything was well organized. The team supported us very well, our guides were very good.

Also transport and hotels ect were well organized.

Compliments to you, we are very satisfied with your organization. You respond quickly to questions and give good information in advance and that has been very valuable to us.

In short, we look back on a very nice experience.

When people are considering to climb Kilimanjaro we will highly recommend ShapShap Travel.

Kilimanjaro climb + Tazania 4x4 Safari
Hi Lizza and Japie,

The best wishes for 2017 for you too!

It was a great adventure. Tougher than I thought and not because of the distance. I had never done anything like this before.

I did not make it to the summit. I made it up to Barafu hut (4600m). Diarrhea, cold and fever stopped me to do the final leg to the summit. I am proud of myself for having done this. It was quite an experience.

The safari was superb. I saw lots of animals in their own habitat. Great.


Eric, the Netherlands

Everest Base Camp Trek (upgraded version)
It was amazing!!! Everything was very good... the weather, the lodges, the meals, the positive energy, doing the trek together! Your organization was great. The guide and the second guide were also great. Very caring and sociable and positive. Just returned from hotel in Kathmandu... dinner tonight with guide and manager. Steak house, the boys are happy...
Thank you very much for everything.
We are really super happy!!! We did it!!!

Petra and her group of 6, the Netherlands

Everest Base Camp Trek (upgraded version)
Let me start by saying that the organization, from the moment we indicated to you that we were planning this trip, until the point we were home again, was all perfectly arranged! We were also lucky enough to have 15 consecutive days with great weather.

During the trip I could see clearly where the difference in price (which we previously discussed) comes into play. You have a good partner in Nepal. When we were asked for feedback during our farewell dinner we only mentioned that they could take even better care of their guides and porters (good shoes for example) if that was what they wished for. As feedback, I also mentioned to the lead guide that he should not only be focused on the goal during the trip but, but that he should also point out the beautiful things along the way (animals, plants, etc.). The reason for this is to ensure that people, when they unfortunately don't achieve the goal, they would still have a beautiful trip and memories.

For me, the trek was truly a feast. Of course it was tough sometimes and I had a lesser day (because of the height). But the area, walking in the mountains, reaching Everest Base Camp and the atmosphere within the group was (all 11) was something I will never forget. There were so many impressions to process and I am still working on it now. Then I pick up some photos again and I can relive the special moments.

Thanks again for the good organization and a top experience!


Rico, the Netherlands

Kilimanjaro climb + Safari + Zanzibar
Thank you very much! We look back on a wonderful honeymoon! The high point of course being the Kilimanjaro climb. It was a great experience! We are pleased that we have managed to reach the top.

Thanks to you we could enjoy everything without any worries. A huge thank you for this! We certainly didn't want to miss our last days in Zanzibar. How amazing is Zanzibar! Truly a fantastic lodge, very friendly people, unreal view and not to mention the delicious food.

We will recommend you to anyone considering a trip to Africa!

With kind regards,

Gerben & Elise, the Netherlands

Everest Base Camp Trek
We came back last Friday from "our" trip. We can tell you that it was totally GREAT.

After meeting your partners in Nepal, we also met our fellow trekkers. The group make-up was a little different to what we first thought (2 Americans, 2 Ukrainians and us). A small group, but it only had its advantages. We were all very enthusiastic and well prepared. Because it was a small group we could connect easily and quickly. And luckily enough everything and everyone clicked well. We could joke around and talk to each other about whatever we wanted.

The trek towards Base Camp went wonderfully well. Technically, it is not exactly a difficult journey. It's the altitude that makes it difficult. The guide we had for our trek was wonderful. He knew a lot about the area, population, environment, food habits, etc. and he could tell you all about it. He also kept an eye on everyone. Regularly checked how you felt and how you were doing. The trek up to base camp was at a fairly slow pace. This was just as well since no-one suffered from altitude sickness or anything else. The lodges and meals en route were also well organized. Such as shame they only fired up the "central heaters" late at night, because it was then already so damn cold!

Walking through the area was like walking through a painting. So beautiful. We really enjoyed every moment.

The arrival at Base Camp was of course the highlight. Quite something to experience. We did it! We took lots of photos and then headed back to the lodge in Gorak Shep.

The trip back down went smoothly and with no hiccups. Within a few days you are back again, standing at the little airport of Lukla. On the way down we have repeatedly had to ask each other; "did we really climb all of this?". Especially if you have a descent of nearly three hours, it means that it must have been an accent of many more hours. You experience it all in a completely different way when descending.

The flight to and from Lukla remains an experience in itself. Beautiful and with some nervous excitement. Fortunately, everything went well, as it should. Back in Kathmandu we had a farewell dinner together and the next day it was goodbye to the Americans. The Ukrainians stayed a few days longer. We also spent some more time with them. Really nice.

After the trek and some time in Kathmandy, we traveled some more through Nepal.

The hoodies were a delight, especially in the evenings. We loved wearing them. The other trekkers were all jealous of our special, cool hoodies.

A great compliment to you and your Nepali partner for the excellent organization. Everything was really well organized. We didn't have to worry about anything and we didn't have to do anything... all we had to do was enjoy and walk.

Thank you for the warm, personal touch. You were our guides, showing the way, when we were preparing for all this.

And now we are very curious about your experiences in Peru. Maybe we get so enthusiastic that we also want to do that trip :).

Paul and Petra, the Netherlands

It was amazing!!!! It was an experience to remember.

It's true, I did fall during the descent back to the park gate. It was raining hard at the time and I slipped and fell on my knee. With a decent wound on my knee I still managed to proceeded. I got back home yesterday and visited the hospital and the conclusion was that it should have been stitched. It should have been stitched up within 6 hours after the fall and by now it was too late, so they just cleaned it up again and bandaged the area. It will heal by itself. Will all be OK again.


Jeroen, the Netherlands

PS: Thanks for arranging it all. It was fantastic !!!!!!!!!

Everest Base Camp Trek (upgraded version)
We had a fantastic time! 

We were welcomed very warmly and treated very well in Nepal. We were sick during the first couple of days of our trek... I already had diarrhea the morning of the flight to Lukla and Maarten later in the afternoon (we think it may have been caused by the welcome dinner, but we don't know for sure). Because of this we didn't fully enjoy our first three days of the trek, but we were taken good care of by our guide Kewal. He supported us with medical advice and daily evaluated what we were able to do. With his help, and with determination, we continued our journey and achieved our goal :)

We also enjoyed staying at the Shanker. The day before departure we stayed at the Malla, which some say is better than Shanker, but we both disagree. Shanker was very nice! We also enjoyed the lodges during the trek and really liked the amount of food we got.

For us it was a once in a lifetime experience, but we will certainly recommend the trek to others (also to book through you).

Thank you very much for the unforgettable experience!

Martin and Daisy, the Netherlands

Kilimanjaro climb – Machame route
I felt on top of the world standing on the ‘Roof of Africa’. The sunrise and glaciers at the summit were breathtaking and well worth the challenging times to get there! It was a very rewarding experience that I will never forget!
Thank you guys for providing a fantastic team & a memorable experience.

Kellie, Australia

Everest Base Camp Trek (Classic version)
And off you go, in high spirits, boots on and Fake North Face gear in the backpack.

It is difficult to imagine beforehand how a trek to EBC will go and what you can expect. I enjoyed it immensely! Sure, it was tough with some altitude sickness, but overall it was a special memorable experience. The feeling to be with a group of people, who you have only known a short while, to then reach the base camp of Mount Everest... unbelievable... the adrenaline... you did it together- priceless!

Onno, the Netherlands

Kilimanjaro climb
We have the experience of a lifetime behind us. The ascent of Kilimanjaro was comparable to one large "mindfulness moment". How can you be so fixated on just one thing: reaching the summit. And all those moments early in the morning with the rising sun, lost in thought, staring across the base camp and in the background - Kilimanjaro!

I can not tell you what it's like to undertake something like this as a father with his daughter. It's just great fun to experience this together as father and daughter. When we reached the top, we flew into each other's arms. Such a beautiful moment!

It's incredible how the guides, porters and cook take care of everything happening around the climb. When we arrived at camp, everything was already set up. And then the food: like magic the cook appears with our meals.

I want to thank you for the good organization around it all: at the airport there was someone ready to pick us up and bring us to the hotel. The choice of the hotel was just superb. The whole team to the summit was just excellent!

What we had hoped for before the trip came true: a truly remarkable experience (emotional again).


Jeroen, Netherlands

Everest Base Camp Trek (upgraded version)
What a great trek and how well organized. Before the trek by you guys and in Nepal by your partners. Everything was thought of and taken care of. We had a very driven and fun guide, Homnad, with two great Sherpas as assistants. Despite my difficulty with the altitude, I greatly enjoyed the area: amazingly beautiful!

Upon returning from the trek, we did some sightseeing in Kathmandu and we spent 3 days in Chitwan National Park. That also was perfectly arranged for us.

After the trekking we stayed in a guesthouse in Kathmandu for some extra days and that was the only place where the staff were not as friendly. They were too busy and its a pity that it came across so clearly.

The Shanker Hotel was a luxury of course, especially on the day we returned... laying by the pool!

And the Epic sweater: everybody thought it was great of course. Most of the other trekkers had to buy a 'EBC button' to sew it on a jacket or sweater

I enjoyed it immensely, thanks for that!

Marco, the Netherlands

Kilimanjaro climb – Machame route

From the start I set out to enjoy every step on the mountain and to not just set my sights on the summit. The trek, the camps, the food, the crew, the mountain with all its surprises – everything was better than we hoped or asked for. I will cherish this experience with Paul forever. We went through lots of emotions- we were silly, we were deep, we laughed, we cried all the while being so grateful toward our Heavenly Father for our health and the financial ability to make this possible and above all for His wonderful creation just for us to enjoy.

Thank you for arranging an unforgettable experience.

Marina en Paul (mother and son), South Africa

Annapurna Base Camp Trek
I can sum it up in just one word - amazing!

It was my first ever trek and the experience was much better than I could have imagined. The organization, our guide and Sherpa made for a super successful adventure. Everything was very well organized and I enjoyed it to the fullestTribute to your local partners for a carefree trekking holiday. I will definitely plan to do something similar again in the future.
Ronald (and Usha), the Netherlands

Annapurna Base Camp Trek
I agree totally with the comments of Ronald. For me, the trek was very tough and I don't think I will do another trek as touch as this one. The recommended training of three months before departure is not enough to get you fit enough to do it easily :-( I am glad that I took a little more time and prepared well for it.

I want to also thank you for your work over the last couple of months (answering questions, arrange things, etc.). Saw a few fun activities on your website, so I may come knocking again.

Usha (and Ronald), the Netherlands

Kilimanjaro climb – Machame route

I reached the top at 06:20 and I have my certificate. I have locked the whole experience in my head. Everything was perfect and I was even asked by Achiem if I would like to be a guide one day because of my enthusiasm. Maybe something for later. Of course lots of my friends will ask me about my climb and of course I will get them all in contact with you guys.

It was a spectacular experience!

Najim, Belgium

Kilimanjaro climb – Machame route

We loved Kilimanjaro! The team was stunning and the mountain something never to forget. The guides, porters, chef and waiter all gave 110% to make this an unforgettable trip. You will always be mentioned with a smile when we brag about our achievement and when we show our photos.

Once again, Japie and Lizza, get a 10/10!!!

Thank you for a wonderful trip!

Maryke and Janette (sisters), South Africa

Everest Base Camp Trek (Classic version)
I was fortunate enough to go on ShapShap travel's maiden tour to Nepal and Tibet and also their first guided trek to the Mount Everest Basecamp. As a novice hiker I had no idea what to expect but what we experienced was even better than my biggest expectations. The Everest Basecamp is something I wish all my friends can experience in their life and I will always recommend ShapShap to them. It has truely been a lifechanging experience to be in nature for 4 weeks and to know everything has been arranged and taken care of. Countries like Nepal and Tibet does through some surprises every now and then but the Japie and Lizza always took care of everything in a professional way.
Thank you for a fantastic time in Nepal and Tibet. Those four weeks are engraved into my life forever!
"....Because life is an adventure..." and ShapShap will make sure it stays that way!
Lenze, South Africa

Kilimanjaro climb – Marangu Route

We had a great time climbing Kilimanjaro! We had wonderful views all over the mountain and everything was well organized at the huts. We made it all the way to the top, but we didn’t stay long- it was freezing cold and our guide had to take some pictures for us- we were exhausted!

Everything went according to plan and we want to thank you very much for organizing this great adventure for us. Really Super!

William & Cathelijn, the Netherlands

Everest Base Camp Trek
As promised, an even more extensive report of the fantastic Everest Base Camp trek!

The trip started with some difficulty as we waited at the airport a whole day to catch a flight to Lukla. Had no desire to wait another day so we already carefully discussed a possible alternative trekking.

Day two began hopeful - they were flying to Lukla. The relief and joy was therefore great when we got our boarding passes. No name, no time, but that was our ticket to Everest!

The flight to Lukla was as spectacular as I had read... the landing in particular, because I could see the runway clearly! What an absurd airport!

The hike started through a beautiful forested area, interrupted here and there with the occasional spectacular suspension bridge. I am no Olympic athlete, so the easy build up meant I could keep up the pace quite well. After dinner, I was done quickly.... always off to bed early!

Namche Bazaar was a nice stop. Nice village with all the amenities, including a lovely German bakery (with Dutch posters) on the roof of the Namche Hotel.

We were soon treated to the first views of Everest! We were getting closer and closer to our giant friend. Took some crazy photos in Tengboche. The monks were playing football, with the snow-capped Himalayan peaks in the background. An image that I won't soon forget, especially when, in the evening, the mountain peaks, in the last rays of sun above the clouds, wished us a good night!

The landscape became more rugged. Soon we were surrounded by white peaks. The occasional a herd Yaks completed the picture. The further we went, the simpler the accommodation became, but since my thermal shirt and pants stayed on, a mattress and warm sleeping bag was enough! I could still eat well up into the mountains. I was the only one that didn't loose his appetite. And actually... I ate enough for 3 people and I was very pleased with the leftovers from the others! I took the advice of the guide (Homnath Bhatta, he knew "Japie Japie ShapShap") and became vegetarian to limit the risk of getting sick. I had no problems at all and I could drink enough water (I used purification tablets)

Especially in the mornings it was still very cold. A thick coat and mittens were therefore very handy and each day started with extremely blue skies. So dark blue that it almost looked black. During the day the coat was off again and it was wonderful again. During the afternoons you could see the first clouds coming up from the valley, but eventually we were so high up that the clouds couldn't follow us up. Unique experience to pass through the 5,000 meter mark. Well above Mont Blanc in Europe!

The final stretch to Everest BC was pretty tough. Very rocky and next to steep gravel hillsides with stunning views over the glacier. Could take some nice photos at the base camp, which turned out the be the original "Hillary" base camp. The current base camp was more than a kilometer further, but we could see it clearly.  

Stayed overnight in Gorak Shep and up early the next morning (5am) making my way towards Kala Pattar. I really have to get going/ wake up... what a surreal feeling to be in the pitch black night... panting heavily (yes yes ... this was a difficult stage!)... scrambling up a mountain. The views were fantastic. The first rays of sunshine over the ridge. And it was veeery very cold! My water bottle was frozen and I slowly began to experience what it must feel like when your toes are freezing! Descended quickly for a warm bowl of porridge and to start the further descent.

On the way back an American in our group (father and daughter) stared feeling unwell. He was always a bit slower, but at our lunch stop he had already fallen behind by more than an hour. It was with a big effort that we finally reached Pheriche in the dark where he was hospitalized. He still wasn't Ok after a night with oxygen and steroids. He moved around like drunk guy. He and his daughter were flown to Kathmandu by helicopter. I stayed behind with a Canadian and our two guides and two porters (who were very happy that they now only had half the baggage to carry around). And then, because the oxygen levels in the air increased as you descend, we seemed to have become Olympic athletes... I don't know where all the stamina came from that day, but we felt immortal! This must have been my best work-out ever! Top condition.

Lovely to take a warm shower again in Namche Bazaar (and yes, we found the bakery again!). Arrived right on time in Lukla and had a nice evening with guides and porters! Having seen a number of airplanes landing and taking off, it was our turn. In no time we were back in the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu!

All in all a fantastic trip. I thank you and everyone involved for this amazing adventure!

Jorrit, the Netherlands 

Kilimanjaro climb – Marangu route + Safari

We were very well trained for Kilimanjaro and we have some experience with mountain climbing. I thought Kili would be an easy mountain to climb, but I had never been that high before and I didn’t realize how tough it would actually be. I have done lots of things in my life but this was by far the toughest ever. Yvonne couldn’t continue past Gilman’s Point (5685m) but I tried to push a little further. Eventually I also turned back. It was tough!!! Maybe we didn’t take enough time to acclimatize or maybe it has something to do with the fact that we come from below sea level… maybe we are just trying to find an excuse because we saw people much less sporty than us that did make it to the top.

At the end of the day we still thoroughly enjoyed our Kili adventure and the safari afterwards. If any of our friends want to follow in our footsteps we would certainly recommend ShapShap Travel! It was great! 

Renier & Yvonne, the Netherlands

Kilimanjaro climb – Machame Route

It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, but that is partly because of the guide- Rayson- who took great care of me. He realised that I came from sea level and that I needed more time to acclimatize. So everything was done pole pole (slow slow in Swahili), I would say pole pole pole ;-). Like I said the whole team (6 in total) were very professional and they had everything under control from the tents to the meals. I am very proud of us all.

So guys, this has truly been an experience that has changed my life in so many ways.

Thanks again for everything, I really appreciate it.

Arianne, the Netherlands

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